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enCASE Kiosk Setup for Windows or Mac

enCASE Kiosk Setup for Windows or Mac

enCASE Kiosk enhances the security of CASE Benchmark and Classroom Assessments by preventing students from accessing other internet sites and applications while taking the test. This page includes setup instructions for Windows OS or MacOS.

Note: If your students use district-managed Chromebooks, refer to enCASE Kiosk Setup for Chromebooks.

Step 1: Install LockDown Browser

Download the appropriate installation file:

Run the installation file by following the on-screen instructions.

Click Finish when completed.

Step 2: Configure enCASE Kiosk

Contact to configure settings in enCASE. You may also request remote proctoring using Zoom, Google Meet, or GoToMeeting.

When configuring the Kiosk settings in enCASE, the support team will also share a short practice assessment to your district.

Step 3: Test enCASE Kiosk

Schedule the practice test for one or more classes.

Students will then:

  1. Log in to enCASE as they typically would for a CASE Assessment.
  2. Launch the test titled, "Testing with enCASE Kiosk."
  3. Complete and submit the test.
  4. Exit enCASE.

If students can launch and complete the test, enCASE Kiosk mode is successfully set up.

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