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Adding Administration Settings for a Classroom Assessment

Adding Administration Settings for a Classroom Assessment

Once you've created a classroom assessment, and schedule it to be taken by specific classrooms, you may also add administration settings that further customize the testing experience for the classrooms. These include:

  • Test Duration - Set a time limit on the assessment
  • Display Student Results- Allow students to see their results (and, optionally, the correct answers) after they've completed the assessment
  • enCASE Kiosk - Require a secure testing experience using enCASE Kiosk
  • Real-Time Proctoring - Allow educators to monitor student progress as they advance through the test and, if necessary, remotely assist with actions such as pausing, saving, or submitting.

Accessing the Administration Settings Page

To add these features to an assessment schedule:

  1. Under the Assessments menu, choose Schedules.
  2. If a schedule for the assessment already exists, search for it and edit it. (See Editing an Assessment Schedule for details.)
  3. If a schedule does not already exist, click Create New Schedule, and proceed to select the appropriate schools and classes who are to take the assessment. (See Scheduling a Classroom Assessment for more details.)
  4. In the Administration Settings section of the page, look for the testing features below the Testing Window.

Setting a Test Duration

If you want this assessment to have a time limit, click Yes. Then enter a number of minutes (no greater than 500 minutes).

During a timed test, a timer appears in the upper-right corner during the test.

Students are forced to submit the test for scoring when the time is up, and they see the following message:

If there are any students who can never have time limits on any assessment, you may exempt individual students via each student's user account. Refer to Exempting Students from Administration Settings for details.

Note: If an assessment has more than one open schedule where some are timed and others aren’t, the group of students on each schedule must be unique. For example, you may schedule the same assessment for one group of students with a time limit, and for a different group of students without a time limit.

Displaying Student Results

Following the completion of the assessment, you may allow students to see their results, and optionally, correct answers. To do so:

  • Click Yes for "Display Student Results" if you want students to see their overall scores and whether their answer choices were marked correct or incorrect.

The "Display Correct Answers" option appears.  

  • Click Yes if you want students to also see the correct answers for each item, along with their answers.

If one or both of these options is selected, the Student Results Page appears when the student completes the assessment.

Student Results - The table at the top contains the student's percent correct (based on automatically scored items) as well as how each of their items were marked:

  • correct (green)
  • incorrect (red)
  • partially correct (yellow)
  • unattempted (light gray), 
  • not marked/not scored (dark gray) (This may be a manually scored item.)

Answers - When students are also allowed to see correct answers, the lower part of the Student Results Page shows the test player. A student may navigate back and forth to each item and see their answers, as well as the correct answers on items they answered incorrectly.

Using enCASE Kiosk

To require students to use enCASE Kiosk for a secure testing experience to prevent digital cheating, choose Yes for "enCASE Kiosk."

Students must have enCASE Kiosk installed on whatever device they use for testing (PCs, Macs, or Chromebooks). For more information, refer to Using enCASE Kiosk for Secure Testing

If you have any students who should never use enCASE Kiosk, you may require enCASE Kiosk for a schedule but exempt individual students via each student's user account. Refer to Exempting Students from Administration Settings for details.

Using Real-Time Proctoring

To allow teachers or administrators (DTCs users or STC users) to monitor student testing activity, choose Yes for "Real-Time Proctoring."

When Real-Time Proctoring is enabled, educators will log into enCASE when the testing begins and see information for each student such whether they have begun testing, what item they are on, what time they started and completed. Educators may also perform actions on a student's testing experience such as pausing their test, moving them to another item, or submitting the assessment for them. For more information, refer to Real-Time Proctoring & Assessment Status.

When you finish adding administration settings, click Save Changes or Save As New Schedule.

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