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Editing an Assessment Schedule

Editing an Assessment Schedule

Once an assessment has a schedule in place, you may edit it by finding it and clicking the Edit Schedule icon. (This process also allows you to create a new schedule based on a current one.)

Finding the Schedule

To edit an assessment schedule:

  1. From the Assessments menu, choose Schedules.
  2. Search for either the associated assessment or by an associated classroom/teacher. 

Using the By Assessment Tab

To find a schedule by assessment:

Use the filters on the By Assessment tab.

After you choose a "Subject," a list of assessments appears. You may narrow the list further by selecting a "Core" or entering part or all of a "Title." Click "Show only schedules with open testing windows" to find only active schedules.

Select an assessment and click Search Schedules

All schedules pertaining to the selected assessment appear. To continue, refer to "Editing the Schedule," below.

Using the By Classroom/Teacher Tab

To find a schedule by classroom or teacher:

  1. Make selections for all the filters on the By Classroom/Teacher tab (including either a classroom on the By Classroom tab or a teacher name on the By Teacher tab. 
  2. Click Search Schedules. (Click "Show only schedules with open testing windows" to find only active schedules.)

 All schedules pertaining to the classroom or teacher appear at the bottom of the page. To continue, refer to "Editing the Schedule," below.

Editing the Schedule

To edit a schedule, click the Edit Schedule icon to the right of the schedule row. 

Current selections are in the green sections. 

Removing Current Selections

To remove selections, click the X on any selection in the green. 

Adding Selections

To add selections, use the filters in the section you want to change. For example, to select additional classes, use the filters in the Classrooms/Students section:

After you fill in the filters, classes appear.

Click the + to add a class as a selected classrooms.

Changing Administration Settings

Depending on the assessment you are editing, you may also adjust the Administration Settings for all the classes. 

Refer to Scheduling a Classroom Assessment for more details. 

When you finish editing the schedule, click either Save Changes or Save as New Schedule (to create a new schedule based off the original).

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