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Editing an Item or Passage

Editing an Item or Passage

After creating a classroom item or passage you may edit it at any time. When editing an item, you can make changes to an item's properties, its related standards, add or remove passages, change its content, or publish the item (making it available to use on assessments). When editing a passage, you can edit its content or properties.

Note regarding editing permissions: Whether you are allowed to edit an item or passage depends on your highest-level of user permissions. District administrators can edit items and passages created by anyone else in their district. School administrators can edit items and passages created by anyone else at their school. Teacher-level-only users can only edit the items and passages they themselves create.

Search for the Item or Passage

To edit an item or passage:

  1. Choose Item Bank from the top menu. The Search for Items page appears.
  2. To find an item, use the By Search Criteria tab. Make selections according to the item's properties and click Search. Choose the By Item # tab to search by the item or passage ID: enter all or part of the item or passage ID and click Search.

Tip: Be sure the "Status" is set to Draft or Published as needed.

To find a passage, use the Search For Passage tab. Select a subject and optionally enter all or part of the passage heading.

Results appear on the lower part of the page.

Click the Edit Icon

Click the Edit icon for the item or passage you want to edit.

 The Edit Item or Edit Passage page appears.

Make Changes

If needed, use the options on the Edit Item page to:

  • Change properties - make changes to the properties (DOK (Depth of Knowledge), Difficulty, Topic Category, Topics)
  • Publish the item - uncheck "Draft" to publish the item. (You cannot unpublish items, but you can select "Close this item" to prevent it from being added to assessments.)
  • Change Standards - or add or remove standards.

(If no edits are needed on this page, simply click Continue to make edits to the item stem, responses, or passages.)

Note: Use the Edit Passage page to change Genre or associated subjects.

Edit the Item Stem, Item Responses or Passage Content

  1. Click Continue. The next Edit Item or Edit Passage page appears.
  2. Click the Edit icon (pencil) to edit the item stem or response options, or to edit a passage heading or contents.

Tip: When editing, click Help for details specific to the type of item you are editing or to the passage.


Click SAVE when you are finished. A message indicates that your changes are saved, and you may navigate back to the first edit page or anywhere else.

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