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Grading Constructed Responses

Grading Constructed Responses

This article explains how a teacher can use enCASE to grade student answers to constructed response items in classroom or CASE assessments.

Before grading constructed response items:

  1. The assessment must have the option for grading manually turned on. If you discover you are unable to grade responses, edit the assessment, check the box for "This assessment must be graded manually," and click Save Changes. (Refer to Step 2 in Creating Classroom Assessments for more information.)
  2. Students must enter answers to constructed response items online into the answer space provided. Alternatively, if students write out answers using paper and pencil, they must type something into the answer space online, such as their initials, their name, or a phrase such as "see paper”. This allows the assessment to be graded in enCASE.

Step 1: Request a Report

  1. Click Reports on the top menu and choose Assessment Reports.
  2. Use the filters to locate the assessment that includes the constructed response item(s). (If you are unsure how to find your assessment, refer to Reports Overview.)

Step 2: Print Student Responses (optional)

Click the Printer icon to the right of the assessment name and class you are grading (see yellow highlight, below).

Follow your printer’s instructions.

Step 3: Input the Grades

Click the View Sessions icon (blue single man icon to the right of the assessment name and class you are grading - see red underline, below).

The students’ results are displayed.

To the right of any a student you want to grade, click Session Reports and choose CR Scoring.

The passage and the student’s response are displayed.

Input the student’s score in the box.

Click “Update Scores” at the top right of the page.

Step 4: Score the Next Student

To score another student, click the blue list icon next to the student name and choose the next student.

Once you've in put all the grades, click the enCASE icon in the top left corner of the screen to go back to the dashboard home page.

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