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Previewing an Assessment

Previewing an Assessment

Previewing an assessment allows you to see how the assessment items look in testing environment similar to the one that students use. You can preview completed/closed benchmark CASE assessments as well as classroom/local assessments to which you have access. 

Click the Preview Assessment icon (magnifying glass) to preview an assessment. This icon is located on the Dashboard, the Search page, and when editing an assessment. The controls in in the preview window allow you to navigate through the assessment.

Previewing an Assessment from the Dashboard

The Preview Assessment icon appears on the Dashboard when you first log in. It is located to the right of an assessment:

Note: You may only preview CASE benchmark assessments whose testing windows are closed. Additionally, if you are a District Test Coordinator (DTC) or School Test Coordinator (STC), you may only preview assessments that are not marked as "Private."

Previewing an Assessment from the Search for Assessments Page

You can also find the Preview Assessment icon when searching for an assessment: From the Assessments menu, click Classroom:

Make selections in the required filters and click Search. Assessments are listed at the bottom of the page. The Preview Assessment icon appears to the right of an assessment:

Previewing an Assessment When Editing or Scheduling

You can also preview an assessment when creating or editing an assessment by clicking Save Changes & Preview:

When scheduling a classroom assessment, search for the assessment and look for the Preview Assessment icon to the right:

After you click the Preview Assessment icon or click Save Changes & Preview, the assessment opens in a testing environment similar to the one a student uses:

Each item displays on a separate page and shows the following (refer to the image above):

  • The title of the assessment and the current section [1]. 
  • The current item and optional associated passage [2]. Note: Although you cannot interact with the item, you can see the correct answer.

Tip: To preview item interactions for an classroom assessment, edit the assessment and preview the individual items. Refer to Working with a Classroom Assessment for details on previewing an item.)

  • Item numbers [3]. The active item is highlighted. You may click an item number to navigate to it.
  • Item number, total number of items, and the Options menu [4]. You may use the following options in the Options menu: Full Screen and Text-to-Speech. These respectively toggle (on or off) full screen mode and the Text-to-Speech toolbar.

Note: The Options menu in the assessment preview does not show all the options a student can see. For details on the options available to a student and more details about the student testing experience, refer to Student Experience.

  • If the section is calculator-active, a Calculator button is available in the upper right corner.
  • The Text-to-Speech toolbar [5] allows you to see how the buttons work and to hear how an item would be read to a student who has text-to-speech enabled. If you notice any issues with the reading of a licensed item, contact support. To hide or show the toolbar, select Text-to-Speech from the Options menu. For more details on text-to-speech, refer to Text-to-Speech Functionality
  • Click Next or the back arrow [6] to navigate from item to item. 
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