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Reopening or Retaking an Assessment

Reopening or Retaking an Assessment

There are times when a student has already taken assessment, but the student submitted it prematurely or needs to retake it entirely. enCASE allows you to either reopen/reset an assessment (keeping previous responses), or allow it to be retaken (not keeping any previous responses).

Note: Only certain users may allow a student to reopen or retake an assessment:

  • Only an enCASE District Test Coordinator (DTC) can reopen or allow a retake of a Benchmark assessment.
  • A School Test Coordinator (STC) may reopen or allow a retake of classroom assessments in their school. 
  • A teacher may reopen or allow a retake of classroom assessments for their classes, unless the assessment is marked as "Private."  

Before Beginning

  1. Make sure the assessment test window is still open; otherwise, you cannot reopen or allow a retake of the assessment. 
  2. Additionally, you must know at least the following information: 
    • The Test Title
    • Student Last Name
    • Student First Name 

(Additional information such as the school or teacher’s name saves time when searching.)

Allowing a Reopen or Retake

To reopen an assessment or allow it to be retaken:

From the Reports menu on the top menu bar, select Assessment Reports and use the filters to locate the test.

Select the radio button for the correct test that appears below, and click Search. Then click on the View Sessions icon (single man image).

Locate the student in the list. To find the student more quickly, click Last Name in the header bar, then type or paste the last name in the Filter box, and press [Enter] or click Apply.

To the right of the student's row, click either Reopen or Retake.

  • Reopen - If a student submitted the assessment prematurely and just needs to finish the test where they left off, click Reopen. This retains all previous responses, and (for most assessments*) the student can review previous responses and make changes if desired.

    *Note: If the assessment contains multiple sections, clicking Reopen reopens the assessment to the last section completed by the student. The student cannot go back to previous sections. For example, if an assessment has four sections and a student leaves the test after beginning Section 4, clicking Reopen allows the student to resume at Section 3, maintaining their previous responses but allowing changes.  
  • Retake - If a student needs to take the entire assessment again, without keeping any of their previous responses, click Retake.

If you click Reopen, you see the following warning and should click Reopen to proceed:

If you click Retake, you see the following warning:

To proceed, click Retake.

Tip: Students who leave an assessment without submitting or are disconnected for any reason may log back into enCASE at any time within the testing window and continue the test. Their responses are saved every 30 seconds. There is no need to reopen the assessment or mark it for a retake, unless you want to disregard their previous responses (retake).

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