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Viewing Assessment Status (includes video)

Viewing Assessment Status (includes video)

The Assessment Status provides current testing information for each student scheduled to take an assessment. It displays whether the test has been submitted and the time the student started and completed the assessment. You can view the Assessment Status by classroom/section or school and refresh it to show up-to-the-minute status. Viewing the Assessment Status helps you determine:

  • Which students have not yet started the assessment
  • Which students have started but have not completed the assessment
  • How much time it took for each student to complete the assessment
  • How a class, school, or district is progressing towards assessment completion

To view the Assessment Status, first locate an assessment schedule and open the Testing Status.

Watch the VideoTesting Status

Opening the Testing Status

To access the Assessment Status, open the Testing Status page for an assessment schedule:

  1. From the Assessments menu, choose Schedules.
  2. Choose a Type and Subject of the assessment you want to monitor. Matching assessments appear. (Refer to Editing an Assessment Schedule for details about finding an assessment schedule.)
  3. Select the assessment and click Search Schedules
  4. Locate the correct schedule and click the icon for Testing Status. Select the icon for either a classroom/section or a school (depending on your user access).

On the Testing Status page, select the Assessment Status tab. 

Tip: Refresh/reload this page for up-to-the-minute status information during an open testing window.

Selecting a Classroom

The image above shows information for a selected classroom. (Refer to Viewing Schools, below, for an example of the Assessment Status for a selected school.) On the table:

  • Students who have not submitted are those who either have not started or have not completed. 
  • Dates and times are shown if a student has started or completed. 

View other classrooms using the drop-down menu at the top of the page:

Filtering on Status

Click the filters above the table to filter on specific student status values. For example, click "Not Started" to see only the students who have not yet started testing:

Selecting a School

If you have school-level user access, you may select a school to see summarized Assessment Status information for classrooms. For example:

The school-level Assessment Status shows the number of students in each status for each classroom at the school. 

Click on a classroom to see the details for that classroom. (To return to school view, select the school from the drop-down menu again.)

Note: Students scheduled in multiple classes are only counted once in the school totals.


Print the Assessment Status view by clicking Print. The page prints as shown on the screen, with a header that includes the date. (To print without headers/footers, click Print, click "More settings," and remove the check mark for "Headers and footers".)

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