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Working with an Item Bank (Classroom) Assessment

Working with an Item Bank (Classroom) Assessment

Once you've saved a new assessment (see Creating a New Item Bank (Classroom) Assessment), it is available in the system and you can edit it, print it, delete it, preview it, or schedule it. 

Finding the Assessment

To find your assessment:

From Assessments menu at the top of the page, choose Classroom. The Search for Assessments page appears:

Set your filters: 

  • Type: Classroom (required) 
  • Subject (required) 
  • Core/Title (optional) 

Click the blue Search button.

All assessments having the search criteria appear at the bottom of the page.

You can also find assessments by author using the Filter by Author drop-down menu that appears after the initial search.

The buttons to the right of the assessment allow you to work further with the assessment. (Hover over an icon to see what it does.)

Edit Assessment (see Editing an Assessment, below)

Delete Assessment

Print Assessment (see Printing an Assessment)

Print Answer Key

Preview Assessment

Create New Schedule (see Scheduling a Classroom Assessment)

Editing an Assessment

To make changes to an assessment or to create a copy of it, click the Edit Assessment icon (see above) to open the Edit Assessment page. 

The top of the page shows the last Subject and Core used for adding items:

The lower part of the page shows the items already in the assessment in the "Selected Items" section:

To add additional items:

  • Choose from the items in the "Available Items" section on the left, or 

To find different items for the "Available Items" section:

  • Make different selections from the filters at the top of the page, and click Load Items

To create a copy of the assessment:

  • Click Create a Copy, located at the bottom right of the page.

Legacy Calculators

When you edit an older assessment, you may see a message indicating that the assessment is using legacy calculators:

Click Switch to Desmos to use calculators designed by Desmos. Using these will give students an experience more like the state assessments where Desmos calculators are used. These calculators include:

  • Desmos Four-Function Calculator (ie. Basic)
  • Desmos Scientific Calculator 
  • Desmos Graphing Calculator (available by purchase from Certica; contact for more information.)

When you switch to Desmos calculators, legacy calculators that may have been attached to your assessment will automatically change to the appropriate Desmos calculator. 

Saving and Next Steps

Once you've finished editing:

  1. Click Save Changes to save the assessment or click Create a Copy to save it as a copy under a new name. (Note: You may only save changes to an assessment if it has not yet been administered and if the testing window on any associated schedules is not currently open. You may, however, create a copy of such an assessment.)
  2. Click Save Changes & Preview to save and view the assessment as a student would see it. (Note: Refer to Student Experience for details on what students may experience, depending on the assessment schedule and other settings.)
  3. In order for students to take the assessment, you must schedule it. Additionally, when scheduling an assessment, you may add any of the following administration settings:
  • Set a time limit on the assessment
  • Allow students to see their results (and, optionally, the correct answers) after they've completed the assessment
  • Require enCASE Kiosk for a secure testing experience

Refer to Scheduling a Classroom Assessment for more information on scheduling.