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Finding Untested or Unsubmitted Students

Finding Untested or Unsubmitted Students

Once an assessment is underway or completed, there may be untested students or unsubmitted students. Untested students are those who have never logged in or started the assessment. Unsubmitted students are those who logged in and began the assessment but have not completed/submitted it.

Assessment Status

The Assessment Status for an assessment schedule provides up-to-the minute testing information and is the best way to find untested or unsubmitted students. 

To access the Assessment Status:

  1. From the Assessments menu, choose Schedules.
  2. Locate the schedule for the assessment you are interested in, and click the icon for Testing Status.

On the Assessment Status tab of the Testing Status page, refer to the table to locate students who have "No" in the "Submitted" column. These are the students who have not submitted, either because they have not started or because they have not completed. Optionally, click on a link above the table to show only students whose status is "Not Started" (untested) or "Incomplete" (unsubmitted).

For details on the Assessment Status, refer Reviewing Assessment Status.

Note: If the assessment testing window is open and real-time proctoring is enabled, you may also click the Real-Time Proctoring tab for testing status information. For details, refer to Real-Time Proctoring.

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