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Student Performance Report

Student Performance Report

The Student Performance Report provides a detailed view of a student’s performance on the assessment. The report includes raw score and percent correct for the assessment, the student’s response to each item, points earned for each item and standard alignment for each item.

Open Assessment Analytics

To access the Student Performance Report, click the Reports drop-down menu [1] and select Assessment Analytics [2]. (Refer to Accessing Assessment Analytic Reports for details.)

View Student Performance Report

The Student Performance Report includes Report Parameters [1], a Student drop-down menu [2], and results for the selected student [3].

To view a different report, click the Switch Report drop-down menu [4]. Select an option from the menu and click the Run Report button [5].

Select Report Parameters

In the Report Parameters section you can filter the students available for the report using the following filters:

  • School Year [1]: Displays the school year selected for the report.
  • District [2]: Displays the school district selected for the report.
  • School [3]: Select the school data to view in the report.
  • Teacher [4]: Select the teacher to choose students from their class.
  • Class/Section [5]: Select the class or section for the selected teacher.
  • Group By [6]: Select whether to view results by item or by standard.
  • Standard Set [7]: Select the learning standard set for the report.

To find students for the report with the selected filters, click the Run Report button [8].  

To export the report as a Microsoft Excel file, click the Export to Excel button [9].

View the number of students tested [10].

Note: To create a PDF, you can export to an Excel file and then save the file as PDF.

Select Student

Select Student

To view results for an individual student, click the Student drop-down menu, and select a student.

View Student Information

The Student section displays the selected student's name and their overall score [1]. The Student Information table displays the student's ID (i.e. Student Number), the school where they took the assessment, and their grade level when they took the assessment [2].

If the assessment was administered during the 2021-2022 school year or later, the Student Information section displays the student's demographic information at the time they took the assessment [3]. Demographic information includes race, Hispanic/Latino ethnicity, gender, IEP status, and ELL status.

Note: If the assessment was administered prior to the 2021-2022 school year, all demographic information displays as "Not Specified."

View Student Results by Item

If the Group By report parameter is set to "By Item", view student results by item number [1].

For each item, you can view the number of points the item is worth, the points earned by the student, the correct answer, the standard related to the item, the test level, and a description of the related standard.

To view the Item Detail Report, click an item number link [2].

View Student Results by Standard

If the Group By report parameter is set to "By Standard", view student results by standard abbreviation [1].

To view the Item Detail Report, click an item number link [2].

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