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Weird Outcome Duplication

I stumbled on some unusual behavior while testing outcomes, and I'd appreciate any insight as to what happened and how to prevent it from happening again. Canvas appears to have duplicated my outcomes inconsistently. To be clear- I don't want it to duplicate my outcomes at all. I learned this over three tests that I built and took myself. I have a course called ECO-200-ASMT. In Outcomes I built folders numbered 1 through 8. Inside each folder are 1 or more outcomes. For example, folder 1 contains outcomes 1.1 and 1.2. I have also built a series of question banks. Each bank is aligned with one outcome and named after that outcome. So question bank 2.1 is aligned with an outcome named 2.1.

Additionally, I have a PDF of how the student mastery grade book looked at the end of all three tests.

Test 1 - "Nick Test"

I built a quiz where I clicked "Find Questions," then selected all of the questions in question banks 2.1 and 4.2 and added them directly to the quiz. I took the quiz and went to the Student Mastery Gradebook. In the Student Mastery Gradebook I could see all 8 outcomes plus a new outcome folder called "ECO-200-ASMT." That new folder contained two outcomes named 2.1 and 4.2. This means I ended up with two versions of 2.1 and 4.2.

Test 2 - "Nick Test 2"

Again I built a test and used find questions to add questions from question bank 2.1. I also created a question group and linked it to question bank 2.1. I took the test and checked the student mastery grade book. This time, it appears that outcomes were tracked using the correct 2.1. No duplication.

Test 3 - "Quiz 3"

I'm bad at naming conventions, but I have this third quiz where I clicked "Find Questions" to add a question from question bank 2.1. As far as I can tell, this should be identical to how I built the first test. This test also did not duplicate anything.

So how did I duplicate stuff the first time? I'd like to not duplicate anything again. Below is student mastery grade book, showing Nick test 2 and Quiz 3 under the correct 2.1.

screenshot of student mastery grade book

303766_wut 2.png

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