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Our instructors would like to be able to edit appointments in the scheduler instead of having to delete and recreate them.  If a student has already signed up for an appointment and it has been modified, it should notify the student and request an approval for the new time.


Instructors would also like to edit the sign up list.  They want to be able to add or remove course participants from the appointment.


There are a number of situations in which this capability would be useful.

- An instructor that has accidentally created a number of appointments and needs to change them.

- A group reschedules with the instructor, it would be easier to just modify the appointment than create a new one and have them sign up again.

- A student cancels an appointment but doesn't remove themselves from the calendar.

- The instructor needs to assign students to an appointment block. (Maybe they didn't sign up yet, but the instructor wants to lock them in)

Who rated this idea