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Question banks are a great way to provide students with unique, randomly populated exams. Used together with options like one-at-a-time, no backtracking, and providing a quiz timer, I feel confident in providing students tests they can take remotely, as these options render collaboration almost useless.

HOWEVER, it's also very easy to make a mistake like selecting the wrong answer when creating questions (I just had this happen), and the ability to modify questions after the quiz has been taken and regrade accordingly is a MUST.

UNFORTUNATELY, Canvas currently does not support regrading of quizzes whose questions are drawn from banks, which from my perspective renders the question banks feature nearly useless, as there's no room for error in the creation process.

The reason given doesn't make any sense to me: "Quiz regrade does not apply to questions linked to a question bank since questions may be used in more than one quiz." SO WHAT if the question is used in more than one quiz?!? If I messed up and selected the wrong correct answer in an MC quiz, even if that question has been used more than once I still want the option to fix my mistake and regrade every quiz where students erroneously received the wrong grade, without having to manually grade every exam.

PLEASE, Canvas, allow me to regrade quizzes with questions drawn from question banks!!

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