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When you are creating a page in Canvas, you can swap over to HTML to author the page if you know the appropriate markup. Markdown is a lighter weight approach to doing markup.

I'm proposing the ability to author a quiz in something like markdown right inside of Canvas.

It wouldn't work for all item types, but it would work for multiple choice, true false, and multiple answer.

The key here is that you could switch to a text only editor for creating multiple quiz items at once. A multiple choice item in markdown might look something like:

> Why are cats awesome?

* There is no particular reason

* Why is this even a question?

* They are soft, and a have wonderful purr, and that is why <

* Cats are not awesome

<!--Something like this, you get the idea-->

I've gotta be honest here.

All of my faculty are suddenly online, and the ones who need this the most are the ones who have used Canvas the least. The only solution for anything like this right now is Respondus 4.0 and it's Windows only. If we had something (anything) that made it easier to batch author quiz items, it would be a huge help.

I know that there's‌ but what I'm proposing is much more realistic to develop quickly than having to process Word documents and make them into quizzes.

I need to emphasize one thing though. Adding this to New quizzes‌ without having the ability to do QTI export from New Quizzes so that you could bring them into classic where they can be proctored wouldn't meet the immediate need within the context of COVID-19 - Resources to help with running courses online‌.

Who rated this idea