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When I am using the "Embed Image" tool in the Rich Content Editor, I usually have need to insert multiple images from the same or nearby folders (at the very least, in the Canvas tab and Course Files folder under Image Source, and more often even in the same final folder. Up to about a year ago or so, canvas used to retain the last-used folder over multiple uses of the Embed Image tool within the same document (announcement, quiz question, page editor, etc.) or even between documents/items during the same session.

However, now one has to drill down through every level to get to the same (or nearby) folder last used just a few seconds before. I count at least 5 keystrokes, plus possibly some scrolling, depending on how many folders/subfolders one has in one's Files page. This is a LOT of extra keystrokes and frustration!

I realize that some people may find themselves jumping around to different folders each time, but that seems to be less likely, and even so one can use a single keystroke to get back up to a higher level from a lower one, so time is still saved by retaining last-used folder -- or at LEAST return us to "Canvas" tab or even to "Course Files".

I don't know why this was changed, but I strongly hope it can be returned.


Charles Galt

Santa Rosa Junior College

Who rated this idea