Thank you for adding the feature for assignment due date bulk editing. We have used a similar tool for years that has really saved us a lot of time. If it's not too greedy, may I request the below to help match the functionality similar tools?

  1. Similar tools show all the dates by module, which really helps faculty to bulk edit the due dates so all the modules have same due date, which really helps institutions/courses that run on a weekly format like ours. I understand that other people may want this visible in different ways (e.g. chronologically, by assignment type). May I suggest there be some type of organizer that allows you to pick between multiple display types?
  2. Similar tools show the assignment icon. Some faculty like the due date for discussions to show the mid-week mark and some like the end-of-week mark. Knowing which assignments are discussions is helpful in setting those discussions to mid-week, if not obvious in the titles. May I request that you show the assignment type icon?




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