When creating an assignment, you are able to 'Assign to' specific sections or students. Unfortunately the search box only filters by first and last name, so an instructor is unable to differentiate between two students with the same name.

Using sections is a workaround but not sufficient, especially if the Assign to function is being used to grant allowances for students with additional needs. As sections are not fully 'anonymous', other students could work out section names and members.

You are also unable to add multiple students, from example, a list of comma separated student numbers or other unique identifier, you must add each student manually.

The Gradebook already allows filtering by Login ID.

Features proposed:

1. Facility to add multiple students to the 'Assign to' field at once via comma or semi colon separated login IDs

2. Facility to 'Assign to' on the basis of Login ID or SIS ID so that students with the same name are not inadvertently assigned something they're not supposed to see. 

3. Alternatively, simply allowing for 'secondary' information to be visible on the 'Assign to' area: First Name, Last Name, Login ID would mitigate this issue.

Currently the lack of these features is severely limiting the ability to instructors to effectively manage their assessments, especially when dealing with larger cohorts.

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