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The issue: Anonymous grading is an important option that provides students with reassurance that the grading of their work was not effected by unconscious or conscious bias.  However, there are times when administrators need to be able to identify the authors of specific submissions and this is currently only possible by exploiting a loophole in the way that anonymity is implemented in the Gradebook.  We assume that this loophole will be closed in time and  the interventions that I am referring to here play an important part in our duty of care to students.

Use case: Examples of situations when the need to identify the author of an anonymous submission include: cases where poor academic practice or plagiarism are suspected and cases where students who have missed the due date for an assignment.

Idea: The current "Message Student Who..." feature reveals the identities of students who meet defined criteria (e.g. "have not submitted" or "have scored less than...").  This could be used to identify the author of a submission in all the situations that we have encountered so far, but is not available (greyed out) on anonymous assessments.  I would propose that a permission be created that could be assigned to an administrator and would allow the designated role holder(s) to access the message students who feature on anonymous assessments.  


Who rated this idea