Faculty are legally required to make electronic course material accessible via captioning (Section 508). 

Video uploaded into Canvas (when the campus does NOT have Studio) is NOT captioned - NOT accessible. Video uploaded into Canvas can NOT be captioned. Canvas is NOT accessible allowing users to upload un-captioned video. Faculty must use outside systems that caption and embed video. 

Audio uploaded into Canvas CAN have transcripts uploaded to make it accessible. The ability to upload Audio in Canvas can still be accessible with the users transcript addition. 

Since it is the LAW - accessible media...we have turned OFF the Upload Media tool. Which is NOT far to the faculty who want to upload transcribed Audio. 

1) If you separate the "Upload Media" to allow Administrators to allow uploaded Audio only...then we can still allow our users to create accessible content.

2) Also, if you allow for Administrators to enable Voice messages only (disabling video messages)...then we can allow our users to create accessible voice messages. 

It is sad that it is an ALL or nothing option. Turning off the Upload Media prevents many users from creating accessible effective teaching tools. Not everyone can afford Instructure Studio. And Canvas alone for Video is NOT Accessible without captions. 


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