Currently, on the People page in a course, the "Inactive" label shows for a user only if they are inactive in all sections within the course. 

For example, here's a student who is enrolled in three sections within one Canvas course. The student is enrolled in one lecture section, one lab section, and one lab section that's been dropped (we inactivate dropped enrollments to preserve their data). There is no "Inactive" label for this student, and it's impossible for the instructor to tell which section the student is inactive in. 

Canvas Inactive Issue.png


You can clearly see that there are only 2 active student enrollments and last access information for this user, but I can't tell which sections that information is associated with.

I'd like to suggest adding an "Inactive" label for each section listed for a user, rather than their overall enrollment. This would help instructors quickly see what section a student is truly associated with, and can help inform what content students will have access to if messages are sent or differentiated due dates are used in the course.

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