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When I am editing a content page in a course using the RCE, I select the "Apps" icon, and then choose "View All" to see all my available integrated apps that we have integrated in our Canvas environment.  When I place my mouse on any of the bolded app names such as Films on Demand, Microsoft Teams Meetings, Quizlet, StudioYouTube, etc., my mouse cursor changes from an arrow to a text cursor (like it thinks I want to start typing text in a word processor).  This is not intuitive to I would expect to instead see a hand cursor with the pointing finger because the bolded app name is really a "selection" that can be clicked on.  Strangely, even with the text cursor displaying over the bolded app name, I can still click on it to tell Canvas this is the app I want to use.  Also, the current gray app description below the name of an app does display the hand cursor if I need to expand the I assume the hand cursor will also display with the new "View description" link, too, as described in Canvas Deploy Notes (2021-03-03) - Canvas Community.

I have also chatted with Instructure Tech Support about this.  Ticket #07369531.

I'm hoping this can be corrected at some point...thanks.

Who rated this idea