Major drawback of using Canvas Quiz feature. Right now, if I give a Quiz, I have to manually go in to each class (course) and see if someone turned it in late. Imagine a teacher who used this for a weekly quiz. You assign on Wednesday, it's due Friday, and you grade it Friday after school. Then on Monday you have to check for anyone who turned it in late...going class by class to check. Then you have to do it again on Tuesday or Wednesday, and again a few days after that. If it's a weekly quiz, now you are doing that for several quizzes, having to look at each one separately in each course you teach. It's a nightmare. 
Compare that with Assignments. I set a due date. Anything turned in after that sends me a notification that Student X turned in that assignment. I don't have to go looking...it's in my email when it's turned in late. It's also in my To Do that I need to grade it. 
My suggestion is to have the email notification feature of late Quiz submissions similar to that of late Assignments. 
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