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When a course has files with long and similar names, it can be difficult to tell one file from another when trying to add course documents in the new RCE. The "All" view that includes the course file folder structure does not provide any way to expand the view or a mouse-over that would show the full file name.

In the example below, there isn't an easy way to distinguish between the two file names that begin with "Ch11 - Working Groups."  There's no way to tell which is the revised version of the file without making note of the file name, changing the view from "All" to "Documents" and searching by file name.


Long file names in when adding link in RCELong file names in when adding link in RCE


It would be much easier if there was a way to see the whole file name. For courses that rely on the folder organization and have files with similar names, this becomes a challenge when adding links to pages.

Who rated this idea