I teach astrophysics at Swinburne university The new default embedded video player seems like a step backwards. (Writing this in Jun 2021)

See this screenshot where I showed an old embedded video with a new style one immediately below. https://pasteboard.co/K6PD2K4.png

In the new one there are less options, e.g. no CC and no speed control, and the option to show the video quality options is very confusing and not clear. It is not obvious to the user that those bps numbers allow one to change the video quality. It also seems slower to start and start playing video. It is also not possible to get a large window except by going full screen which is undesirable for many reasons (e.g. when the student is taking notes) (There seems to be no option to use the old player when inserting new videos.)

I would also like to suggest as a new fearture that every player window has a clear and obvious ‘download video’ option. Right now one has to do a Browser workaround.


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