It would be helpful if the SIS Export Report >> enrollments.csv report (How do I view reports for an account?) would also include the first/last name of the user along with the user's e-mail address.

The Longer Request

We have a custom role we created at the account level called "Viewer".  It is based on the "Teacher" role type.  As far as I can tell, if I wanted to run a report for a given term to find out who is enrolled in courses in the term with the "Viewer" role, I can only see that data via the SIS Export Report >> enrollments.csv report (see above link).  However, even though this CSV file does include the "user_id" column (which, for us, only displays a 4 to 6-digit number), it would be very helpful to also include the user's first/last name and his/her e-mail address as additional columns in this report.  As it stands now, you'd have to match up the "user_id" column with another report (users.csv) that does display a user's first/last name and e-mail address to determine who those people are.  Back in early 2018, I had posted this question in the Community, and Ken Black helped me with this...but it seems to me that this data (which already exists) could be included in the enrollments.csv file automatically.  See .

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