When a grading scheme includes number grades, there is a clash between grades and points when the teacher is entering points for students. Any number that is input as grade/score/points is automatically treated as a grade - in all cases.

In SpeedGrader, this is fine as there is only one input and no setting to change how the input should be treated. Having the grade interpretation as a priority seems reasonable. But the gradebook is another story - there we do have a setting for this (but it isn't working?) and importing a gradebook csv file gives false feedback.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Create and assignment worth 100 points.
  2. Set "Display grade as" to Letter grade.
  3. Select/create a grading scheme that includes numbers. This one, for example:
  4. Go to Grades and try to award 5 points to a student. Canvas will treat this as a grade and recalculate to 100 points.
    Fair enough, that's how the grading scheme works. But...
  5. Switch the "Enter Grade as" option to Points. Try to award 5 points to a student again - Canvas still recalculates as if the input were a grade, even though grades should now be entered as points.
  6. Export the gradebook csv (which only contains points in the case of Letter grades).
  7. Open up the file, enter 5 points for at least one student and save.
  8. Import the saved file and confirm the following changes.
  9. The saved scores are different from the ones just confirmed. The input is interpreted as a grade and not points.

The gradebook import is either displaying the wrong confirmation of data or the input is interpreted in the wrong way. Also, either the feature "Enter grades as" is not working or is simply mislabeled.

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