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Problem statement:

When authoring a quiz in new quizzes, it would be helpful if teachers could preview and test individual questions to ensure that both the question and the feedback for the question are working correctly before moving on to the next question. Currently, the instructor can preview the entire quiz, but for more complex question types such as formula questions and FITB that use regular questions, it would be most helpful to be able to preview the question at the time of creation and make adjustments as necessary,

Proposed solution:

Add a "preview" option to each question that opens a working version question in an overlay. The preview should allow the instructor to:

  • select or enter the correct answer
  • submit the answer -
  • view the feedback for the answer
  • refresh the question to try again (for formula questions, refreshing should show a different version of the question.
  • dismiss the preview and return to the editable version of the question
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