Problem statement:

We use the Speed Grader with a rubric on an iPad to mark assessments as part of a face to face course where we complete competency assessments throughout the day.

These are the issues we are having – see image below for further information:

  1. When you open the speed grader the rubric does not display, you get a message that says ‘This assignment only allows on paper submissions’.
  2. You have to swipe up from the bottom of the screen to display the rubric which is not obvious, and
  3. interacts with the iPad OS swipe functionality which
  4. 4. is positioned very close to the same function in Canvas. The iPad OS with minimise or close the app if you swipe up from the bottom of the screen which means that Instructors are closing the Canvas Teacher app (in the middle of a time-pressured assessment process) when trying to view the rubric (if they can even find it).

We have made a video to try and work around this issue which has been provided to support and the mobile app team. We have often had to resort to marking on paper instead of using Canvas to work around this issue. We then must spend time and money for admin staff to input the paper information to the Speed Grader, and it means we don’t have a record of compliance from a legal perspective should we be audited about who actually completed the assessment. The other issue is that the marks for the competency assessment can change throughout the course from ‘unsatisfactory’ to ‘satisfactory’ as participants practice and complete multiple attempts at the competency assessments, which is a common occurrence in vocational training. The SpeedGrader does not keep a record if marks are changed from unsatisfactory to satisfactory unless the instructor manually records this as a comment. In the vocational training space, this is critical functionality that is missing form the rubric.

Proposed solution:

Have the rubric visible when you open the speedgrader for that assignment. Or create an assignment category that is for an observation assessment, that does this. A temporary fix could be a note that indicates where to swipe up to view the rubric.

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