New Image Upload HTML Includes Course ID and ?verifier= code

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Uploading an image into a new question, while in an item bank, used to have link to quiz-api -- for example:


This means I can use that question in any course. 

However, the links now include a course ID. There is a ?verifier= code in the source code and Canvas support is stating this will allow any course to see the image.



New Quizzes Popup.png

But, if the item question is created while in course ID 546789 then a message appears on saving stating the image may not be available outside the course. Sure enough the course ID is in the HTML as well as that ?verifier=code. 

The only work around at this point is to use a third-party image storage (Google Drive, OneDrive, etc), otherwise, these questions aren't good beyond the one course. 

Does anyone have another workaround?

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