Gregory Beyrer

One-click Conversations from the Profile

Discussion created by Gregory Beyrer Champion on Apr 17, 2016
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A user should be able to initiate a Conversation via a link or button on another user's Profile.


Describe your idea

Students who want to contact their instructors do have the option to click the Help link in Global Navigation and select the option to ask their instructor a question; instructors who want to contact a student have the option to click on the student's name on the People page, then the interactions report or the analytics report, then the icon to message this student. For students to contact each other, it takes several steps: click on the Inbox link in Global Navigation, create a new message, select a class, search for the other user (what's that name again?), and then compose the message.


This idea is to add the message icon to the Profile page for each user. If someone wanted to contact another user, all they would need to do is visit the user's profile (linked from each Discussion post, Announcement, and the People page) and then click the message icon to send that user a message via the Conversations tool.


How will this idea benefit CCC users?

Facilitating communication between instructor and students and among students is an interest we share and also is part of the Online Education Initiative's Course Design Rubric.