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Grading a peer review assignment

Question asked by David Woods on Apr 19, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2017 by Paul York

I have a question about how others are grading assignments that include a peer review. I'm seeing something unexpected in the grading process and wanted to see if anyone else things this is odd behavior.


The assignment had students submit a document and then randomly assigned each student three peer reviews.  The assignment included a rubric, so the students completing the peer review were expected to fill out the rubric an optionally add overall comments.


When grading the assignment in the SpeedGrader, I can see all of the overall comments and also see the rubric grid with a drop-down box where I can select to see rubric evaluations from any of the peer reviewers.


To grade, I want to complete the rubric, add overall comments and then enter points.  If I click the "view rubric" button to open the rubric, it opens, but is populated with the selections and comments of the peer reviewer who is currently selected in the drop-down box.  This makes some sense, but I was expecting an empty rubric.  Things get odd if I click save - this will save the rubric as a new evaluation and add me to the list available on the drop-down box.  BUT, if I haven't made any changes, this ends up saving a fully populated rubric under my name.  So, to make sure the rubric feedback associated with my name is really my feedback, I have to make sure I select an item on each line of the rubric and also go into the comments for each line and delete them or overwrite them with my own comments.


I actually didn't notice this until I was reviewing my grading and thought "I don't remember making comments on that student's work" - I hadn't, the comments were a copy of the comments made by one of the peer reviewers.


If you are grading peer review assignments, have you noticed this?  What behavior would you expect to see?