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Canvas Outcomes for Accreditation and Reporting

Question asked by Employee on Apr 19, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2017 by E Shen


I see a lot of potential for Canvas outcomes in medical school, including using Magic Marker app in clinical or SIM center settings. But I wonder to what degree Outcomes are actually used in medical, nursing and allied health programs.


Are you using Canvas Outcomes for medical competencies and program learning objectives?

- If so, what have your discovered or learned since you started?

- What challenges still exist for maximizing the potential of Outcomes?

If not using Canvas Outcomes, why?


We are working on The specified item was not found. (please add your needs/comments to the thread) which should make it easier to upload Outcomes. But what happens (or needs to happen) once the Outcomes are loaded into the account to make best use of the tracking and reporting capability?

- What are technical limitations or challenges?

- What are the human/people limitations or challenges?