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How can I solve students' problems with viewing in-text comments?

Question asked by Molly Anthony on Apr 22, 2016
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Hello, several of my students have complained that they can't view in-text (Crocodoc) comments on their home computers (example is attached). The highlights or red boxes show up, but the actual annotated comments cannot be seen. It is as if they are just off screen, but the viewing box does not seem to allow us to see them. Downloading the annotated version just gives you highlights and no comments. I can't find a "pop out" or "open in new window" icon. I tried using the bottom right corner "adjust window size" icon, but can't get it any bigger.


Several students have this issue on their home computers, but not on our classroom computer or in PC labs (comments are visible on these).


What is up with this? Also, why doesn't "download annotated PDF" actually include the annotations?