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Does anyone know how to share folder (with files) with students

Question asked by M. Ricardo Flores on Apr 22, 2016
Latest reply on May 2, 2016 by M. Ricardo Flores

I am using Canvas to train our faculty as we move from Moodle to Canvas. So, I'm having to figure things out on the fly.

I have a need to share the weekly workshop handouts with the participant faculty for later use. I don't want to clutter my shell with links to individual files, nor do I want to send multiple messages with file attachments every for meeting. I need a folder to drop files into, and they can access those files from the same link any time they need to. This would give them one place to go to all the time to get the files, rather than searching through messages and pages etc. to get to the file they want.


It seems intuitive that one would have the ability to create a folder, and share it with participants in the course. However I can't figure out how to do this simple task.


Does anyone know how to do this?


Thank you in advance!