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Canvas Analytics and the median value

Question asked by Mark (AD) Herriott on Apr 21, 2016
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So, here are the analytics for a particular midterm on our Canvas site:


Median Values in Canvas.png


So far, so good, right?


Well, when I look at the quiz statistics in the gradebook, I get this:


Average Score:49
High Score:58
Low Score:34
Total Graded Submissions:44 submissions


44 submissions, check. Sort by grade in the gradebook, count down 22 values and I find that I am in the exact middle of a group of five identical scores, all at 51 points.


How on earth does Canvas calculate a median score and get 50.4? Even if you add in three non-submissions as "values", you would still get a whole number (because our # of submissions is now odd). Anyone else getting these anomalous results?