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Sequence a module using submit on paper submission type - not working?

Question asked by David O'Dell on Apr 20, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2016 by Kona Jones

Love canvas, love the community, trying to wrap my head around this issue:


I use modules to set the sequence of assignments.


I need to have my students take handwritten notes and then show me them in person.  I then record their grade in canvas.  I do not want them to upload them, it's too difficult with high school students (lack of phone / photo / scanning technology).  Once I see their notes, I record a grade in the canvas gradebook.  This grade appears in my gradebook as successfully recorded and it appears on the student view as successfully recorded - looks like everything works great --- however....


When the student wants go to go to the next item in the module, canvas still thinks that the assignment needs to be submitted...  Even though there is a grade for it, and student + teacher can clearly see the grade.


The trigger I'm using to go to the next item in the sequence is "submit the assignment"...


In the assignment for their handwritten notes, I have the submission type set to "submit on paper"...


Does this work for others?  Or does the "submit on paper" type not work with "submit the assignment" module sequence trigger?


I do not want to use "no submission" in the assignment, this means that they will simply breeze over this step and not complete their notes.  I don't want to allow them to move forward until I see, and record grades for their notes.


any help greatly appreciated!