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Can adjunct teachers be safe when entering higher education world?

Discussion created by Sue Elvins on Apr 21, 2016
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I most recently read about a career college located here in Omaha, Nebraska (news resource is below) and it is raising eyebrows because the learning level is higher education and secondly this career college just had it's doors shut down due to what was being taught. It would appear the accreditation is bad and the students will not be obtaining what they have learned throughout the previous terms; I find that discouraging and it raises questions especially now that I am creating online classroom structures and have the desire to enter higher education. I've gone through graduate classes and post-graduate classes wanting to benefit the students who desire an education to improve their career.


I guess the thought going through the pit of my stomach is how can you determine before teaching that location is fully accredited?

Appreciate the feedback from those of you who have gone through this process.

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PS. Here is link of news

Accreditation president resigns following Wright Career College’s closure |