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Is there a way to tweak the Turnitin LTI to make all assignments due at the end of the term?

Question asked by Tracey DeLillo Expert on Apr 25, 2016
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Since we moved to the new Turnitin LTI in January, one of the problems we have had is as follows:

  • Instructor adds a due date in Canvas (ex. April 30, 2016)
  • That due date is passed to the Turnitin settings for the assignment because we have the custom field (custom_duedate=$Canvas.assignment.dueAt.iso8601) in the root LTI configuration.
  • Instructor assumes that the Turnitin due date is like the Canvas due date (i.e. by default allows late submissions) when the Turnitin due date actually functions like a lock ("until") date. So on May 1, the student can no longer submit anything on the Turnitin assignment dashboard.
  • Confusion and tickets ensue.


We thought perhaps we could simplify things by having a custom parameter that would find the end date of the term in which the assignment was created, and send it to Turnitin as the due date for the assignment. But there's no straightforward way to do that. Anyone know of a way to use custom fields to do this, or have any other workarounds to suggest?


For reference, I got the customer parameters originally from the Canvas and Turnitin discussion.