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Help!! I have poor SIS import hygiene!

Question asked by Pete Grey on Apr 27, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2016 by Pete Grey

Hello all,
As I often do, I will start this by stating I have a background in exercise rehab, we are a small business (often adding 15-25 students a time) and I am our "IT Department".


This brings me to my question / discussion, I have terrible SIS import hygiene. Currently I import students with two CSV files:





CSV user.jpg


CSV enrolment.jpg

UP to to this point, it works fine, students get put into our courses and all looks well. However it turns out students added with this method do not receive any emails from Canvas. Which is confusing as when I try to resend the invitation, I receive this notification.


pedros gray.jpg


When the invitation is resent, students receive a "get started" email, which unfortunately just takes them to our landing page and does not run them through the password set up, so there are a lot of confused students.


I feel that my major fall down can be found with this small paragraph

API documentation.jpg

I am trying to learn the API side of things at the moment, however, thats still a bit out of my league.


My main questions I have (and would be so appreciative if anyone can take the time to answer one) are:
1. Where am I going wrong with the import that new users do not receive emails from Canvas (and show as accepted the invite).
2. How do I find if emails have bounced (due to incorrect emails etc)
3. Is it possible to edit the format of the initial Canvas emails



I am more than happy to read up on this, I just don't quite know where to look yet..


Thank you in advance for time spent reading / replying to this discussion!