User Maintenance Best Practices

Discussion created by KRISTIE BAYLESS on Apr 29, 2016
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We've been on Canvas since 2012, and this summer for the first time I'm hoping to initiate some user maintenance for staff and students who've left the district. While some of our schools have revolving door enrollment, a large number of these users are gone for good.


My hope is to get some feedback from other districts who have implemented user maintenance.  While Instructure seems fine with leaving the users on the account indefinitely, this doesn't seem sustainable.  I see there was a recent feature request for the addition of a user status, but it didn't obtain the needed votes.


If you've implemented a user maintenance routine, is it for both staff and students?  Do you only select students after a certain age (e.g. 21)?   What reports do you run prior to ensure a user can be reinstated?  If you think maintenance is a bad idea, I'd like to hear your thoughts on this as well.


I'm not marking this as a question, because I'd like to hear from several districts if possible, instead of getting a quick solved reply.


Thanks for your help! 

Kristin, Vancouver Public Schools