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Multiple Editor Boxs in an Assignment?

Question asked by Scott Isard on May 6, 2016
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I have an assignment in which students read a paragraph or two then answer a question or two, then read on and answer another set of questions.  The assignment is a number of pages long and this sequence repeats multiple times. I would like students to answer the assignment online.


If I copy and paste the text and questions into a new assignment and view the assignment in the student view, I see one Rich Content Editor box for entering answers at the end of the assignment.  I would like students to have an Editor box after each question so that they can answer the question immediately after reading it, and if they are on a computer, see the preceding question and paragraph on their computer while typing in their answer.  Can this be done and if so can you point toward the instructions for do so?  If not, suggestions for alternative approaches would be welcome.