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Canvas Admins Can't Take Course Quizzes?

Question asked by Sean Hagan on May 3, 2016
Latest reply on May 24, 2016 by Stefanie Sanders

I'm a Canvas admin as well as a student in two courses (same login/single account as we utilize SSO with our institutional LDAP serving as an IDP via CAS).  I've submitted two quizzes recently in one course, and the instructor says he doesn't see the submissions.  When complete, they are scored, although to begin the quizzes, my only option is to click on a "Preview" button (verbiage changed from earlier in the semester when I believe it said, "Take Quiz").  I thought the instructor was giving me a hard time, but in going back into the course, it shows that I never submitted anything.


Are admins not allowed to participate in a course, or is this a configuration problem on our end, or is this a user problem on my end?  I am enrolled as a student in the course as confirmed in the section enrollment details.


FWIW, it seems as if this behavior has changed in the past two months, because I never had this problem at the beginning of the semester...


This is awkward as finals are this week and I'd like my instructor to not think I'm BSing him that I completed the final exam...


Thanks in advance for any clarification on what's going on and whether it's my fault... (it probably is)