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Not getting notifications on quizzes

Question asked by Jillian Mayer on May 3, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2016 by Stefanie Sanders

Hi all! I'm an admin for my aquarium's continuing education volunteer course that we run on Canvas. There are various submissions that our adult volunteers have to submit over the course of this "class," but for some reason, I am no longer getting notified when students submit quizzes. Other sorts of submissions I am notified about, like document submissions, but not these quizzes. These quizzes are graded immediately as soon as the student takes it, but I would always get a notification to accept this grade.


I used to get these notifications on the right side of my home screen in Canvas, under "To Do" and right above "Coming Up --- View Calendar."


I have already gone to Settings --> Notifications --> All Submissions ---> Immediately. That didn't work. Any ideas? Please feel free to email me:


Thank you,