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Java assignment submission in Speedgrader

Question asked by on May 4, 2016
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I have an instructor at my institution that is having difficulty viewing .java file submissions in speedgrader. I've tested in multiple browsers and can view the first student submission, but when I then try to move to the next student I get stuck in the cycle of never ending panda rider. Has anyone else had this experience or know of a faculty member who has that may be willing to share their expertise?


Here is the instructor's explaination:


It used to be that when my students submitted text files with the .java extension for grading, the Canvas speedgrader knew they were text files and immediately displayed them in the viewing pane. Now all I get is that stupid panda riding its unicycle. I have figured out that I can associate .java files on my computer with notepad, right-click on the .java files submitted by my students, and open with notepad in a new window. This is an OK workaround, but why doesn't Canvas just display the darn file to me like it used to? The speedgrade has become the clunky grader.