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Can a student be in multiple sections?

Question asked by Daniel Beeker on May 7, 2016
Latest reply on May 9, 2016 by Rob Ditto

I have a course with three components; a lecture (two sections taught be different instructors), a recitation (5 sections taught by different instructors) and a lab (8 sections, again taught by different lab instructors. Some of the instructors in the lecture lab and/or recitation may teach in any component, e.g. tom b. teaches a lab and a recitation. Similarly, a student will be in one lecture section, one lab section and one recitation but the students in a given recitation will not necessarily be the same students in any lab section (though some may be). Can I add the recitation and lab sections and the second lecture section to the first lecture section? If I do this wil each TA see only his students for grade entering and messaging? The course instructors need to be able to see information for all students.