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LockDown Browser iPad app and Canvas - Issues?

Discussion created by Sarah Houts on May 6, 2016
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A lot of our faculty uses the LockDown Browser iPad app for quizzing in Canvas. Some issues are experienced during each quiz. I'm curious if anyone else is (or has) experiencing these issue. If so, what did you do to correct the issues? I'm sure a lot of the issues are the result of using a third-party app to access a Canvas quiz, but I have to cover my bases. :-)


  • While in the LDB app, and logged in to Canvas, a message appears that LDB is required. I tell the students to close down the app, including removing it from their tray, and open it back up and log in to Canvas. This usually works.
  • While in the LDB app, and logged in to Canvas, a message appears that the instructor needs to configure quiz settings. I tell the students to go back to their Dashboard and re-enter the quiz. This usually works.
  • Some students receive an error message that their test couldn't be submitted; however it was submitted.
  • One student has reported twice that questions and answers were scrambling around during the test. She had to complete the test on paper.
  • One student recently couldn't see the menu choices for the matching sections.


Unfortunately, these issues occur sporadically, so there's no real pattern to report to Respondus.