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VB.Net integrations

Discussion created by Stephane Poirier on May 6, 2016

So, i'm not sure where exactly to post this, so I thought I'd start a new post. I'm fairly new here so it's possible I may have missed some posts, however I have looked quite a bit. So, if this is a duplicate please forgive me and direct me to the appropriate place.

I'm not looking for an answer to problem, rather I thought I'd let you all know that I've been working to build an integration between Canvas and our custom-built SIS which is built using VB.Net (both Winforms and Webforms), on a SQL Server backend. I have not found much in the documentation or posts about building such an integration, so I'd like to offer to anyone else who is developing on this type of platform that maybe we can connect and pool our resources.  I have already had some success with the integration...  I am able to read user information from Canvas (i.e. verify if a user already exists), and create a new user.  I also have been able to do the same with Courses and Sections using the sis_id values directly. My specific goal is administrative in that I'm aiming to create an integration that will keep our Canvas instance populated with our students, faculty, and course calendar as courses are added, changed, etc., and students add and drop courses.  Based on what I've been able to do so far, I'm fairly confident I'll get there. But I wonder if there's some way we can help each other by compiling a resource of things that have helped us along the way. It might be that this could make this process easier for future .Net developers. 

Is there any interest?