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What is a Course Admin?

Question asked by on May 10, 2016
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What is the role of a Course Admin?  I am our district Canvas admin. As of last week, we did not have any Course Admins listed under Permissions. I received an email from someone in curriculum about a problem with a student login. When I went in to do some troubleshooting, I went into the class and noticed that there were 4 people listed as Course Admins. When I went into Permissions this role had been added and these people basically have all of the rights that I have. I know that there is one other person in the district with admin rights. I figure he probably set this up. But what exactly is the purpose of a Course Admin? Any help with a detailed definition of this role will help me with discussing this with some of the individuals involved with this. Thanks so much for all the help you can give.

Michele Hinojosa