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Extra Credit (Using Weighted Grading)

Question asked by Lisa Byrnes on May 9, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2016 by Peter Bruni

How do you calculate extra credit in a weighted grade format?

1.)  Example 1:  Add an extra credit grading "group" and give that group a percent of what it is worth.   Sample:  There are several groups in the gradebook Participation - 20, Discussion - 30, Exams - 50.  Your students can earn extra credit completing an additional assignment.  The three groups listed prior: Participation, Discussion and Exams all equal 100.  You make another assignment group titled Extra Credit and give that group 5%.  Now you total grading is out of 105%. 




2) Example 2:  Add extra credit points to a already existing group, using the same example as above, we have three grading groups: Participation - 10, Discussion 30, Exams - 50.  To add extra credit points you would add a assignment within an existing group, let's say Participation,  There are 5 assignments in Participation and those 5 assignments equal 10% of the grade.  Now you add another assignment to participation labeled Extra Credit. 


Which is correct? 


Also, should the "treat ungraded assignment as zero" option be checked?